Welcome to YourBodyWorks Chiropractic Clinic

YourBodyWorks is an Applied Kinesiology Chiropractic Clinic in Gordon Park, Brisbane, best known for enhancing the lives of children with learning difficulty and developmental concerns.

Our child friendly Chiropractic clinic is located 5 kilometres north of the GPO in one of Brisbane’s smallest suburbs, Gordon Park. Our location ensures we are stroller friendly with ample easy parking.


Primarily, in this chiropractic clinic, our Chiropractors Susan WalkerJoanna DoyleMichael Maroon and Jodi Floyd focus on those reflex patterns which help strengthen the nervous system. By improving muscle control and function, this work has been clinically seen to alter learning, behaviour, muscle tone and control.  Talk to our team at our Front Desk to find out more.  Formal evidence, in the way of research studies, have not yet been conducted. 


How Can YourBodyWorks Chiropractors Help My Child?

For children, we assist their little bodies to integrate several Retained Neonatal (Primitive) Reflexes. At certain phases of development these reflexes should naturally integrate into our normal behaviour. However, if this fails to occur, the display of these primitve reflexes may hinder learning, handwriting, gross and fine motor control, balance, sitting still, concentration, reading, and of course their confidence.

How Can Chiropractors Help Me?

For adults, we aim to alleviate excess pressure on the spine by improving body strength and control of movement.  Our goal is to retrain the body to function more efficiently, thus optimizing health and performance.


What to expect on your first visit...

Watch this short video which describes your child's first visit to YourBodyWorks. Be sure to take the time to watch it and read through it with your child. This video has been designed specifically without sound to allow for your interaction with your child and them to ask any questions that might arise.


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Tuesday 9 August 2016 @ 6-8.30pm

Retained Neonatal Reflexes Information Night

For Teachers, Early Childhood Professionals & interested parents.

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Professional Applied Kinesiology Series

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